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Bobo Construction, Inc. is an Equal Oppurtunity Employer and welcomes proposals from certified DVBE, DBE, SBE, SDBE, MBE, LBE, UDBE and WBE firms as well as any other subcontractor for any of the projects on our bid calendar.  Bidders must be properly licensed with the State of California and registered with the DIR before any bid. Bobo Construction, Inc. may require payment and performance bonds from all subcontractors and will pay up to 1% for the bond premium.  Bidder's must pay prevailing wage and submit certified payroll on all public projects. By submitting a bid, the subcontractor agrees to Bobo Construction, Inc.'s Standard Subcontract, which is available here.

  • Subcontractor must be bondable and bonds may be required for projects

  • It is the subcontractor's respobsibility to view all pertinent bid documents prior to submitting a proposal

  • DIR # required 

Signing and accepting Bobo Construction, Inc's subcontract is required of all successful subcontractor bidders. Subcontractor’s terms and conditions that conflict with the Bobo Construction, Inc contract will not be accepted. Any listing of subcontractors on Bobo Construction, Inc Public Bids as required by the Public Contract Code Section 4100 is contingent upon the subcontractor’s acceptance of Bobo Construction, Inc's Subcontract.

Bobo Construction, Inc is licensed in the following states:
 • California - No. 183537
 • Nevada - No. 0068911
 • Idaho - No. 16648

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Complete Subcontract Agreement Available here.

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