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Bobo Construction, Inc. was founded by Claude Bobo in 1952 in Sacramento, California. A family company operating through it's fourth generation, Bobo Construction continues to maintain a record of quality commercial projects throughout Northern California, Idaho, Nevada, and Washington. Bobo Construction, Inc. is dedicated to satisfying the specific needs of every client and assuring a standard of building excellence throughout all of our projects. 


Bobo specializes in commercial and industrial construction projects including schools, medical facilities, retail establishments, financial institutions, office buildings and industrial facilities. 

As a fourth generation family-owned business we have a vested interest in making sure that you are 100% satisfied with the end result of our work. Our name depends on it. 

"Whatever is fair and right, that's what we do."

- Chris Bobo

This simple, yet effective phrase is what drives our projects to perfection. We apply this phrase to every relationship and situation our company is involved in and strive to perform to exceptional moral standards at all times.  It is through our campaign for ethics in construction that our firm excels and we believe that this is what truly sets us apart from the pack. When we sign a contract and agree to work on a project with a client, we are guaranteeing that we will not only deliver a high-quality project, but we will deliver a high quality project without compromising our morals, while treating everyone involved with respect.

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