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An Exclusive Partnership 

Bobo Construction, Inc. is the exclusive church builder and Christian school builder for Building God's Way in the state of Idaho. 


Building God's Way is a Christian architecture firm that serves churches and Christian school across the nation. At BCI, we seek to honor God in everything that we do and in everything that we build. Partnering with BGW has allowed us to do just that. Together, Bobo Construction, Inc. and Building God’s Way provide a revolutionary approach that first seeks to understand the ministry’s needs and total funding capacity, then balances those needs and budget with the highest level of functionality, innovation and aesthetics.



BGW's unique approach is focused on revolutionizing the design and construction process and significantly reducing both upfront building costs and long term maintenance and operation expenses.

BGW Architects recognizes the importance of creating an environment that nurtures the inspiring, empowering and comforting essence of community, both internally and externally. We believe that a key ingredient for any successful project is the effective use of collaborative design techniques that build unity and momentum toward a common goal.

BGW has created a 5 phase process that provides turnkey services from preliminary design through the completion of construction and occupancy of the building.


Through it all, Building God’s Way and BCI agree to keep God at the center of the relationship and share the love of Christ with all those involved in the project. We are honored to partner with BGW on church and Christian school projects in the state of Idaho.

Explore the Building God’s Way website for more information and church building resources.

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